To represent a competitive advantage for a business, IT needs to be flexible in implementing new services. Properly built infrastructure is the foundation of such flexibility. The same as a town needs a fluent transport network and enough car parks, your application data need a flawless flows and quick response rates. If you want to achieve your company goals, you need a reliable partner providing everything necessary for your IT infrastructure: from the installation of high quality cabling that would preserve optimal performance for many years ahead, to hardware and software analysis, designing or optimization, to providing flexible communication and server infrastructure.

Our solutions


Communication infrastructure forms a route for all services in the network. User’s comfort as well as application functioning depends on the quality of communication infrastructure. When designing parts of the communication infrastructure it is necessary to consider specifics of individual services – it is important to know if you transfer data, voice or video or you intend to build the infrastructure for a data centre. We also think of route security in our designs.

Servers, disk arrays and data centres

Design, analysis, installation and administration of servers and disk arrays does not have to worry you any more – leave it to certified specialists. SAN solutions and libraries for back-up and archive are automatically included.

Software and cloud solutions

Comprehensive implementation and administration of operating systems, computer domains, email and collaboration solutions, administration of workstations and mobile devices. We can recommend and implement solutions using private, hybrid as well as public clouds.

WiFi, MDM and localization

Building of wireless networks with excellent signal coverage even in industrial environments starts with measuring and professional designing and does not end with the installation of access points. We will also take care of managing the mobile devices connected to the network as well as other extra services such as usage statistics, localization services and connection to the industrial world by means of IoT solutions.

Analysis, design, implementation

Our top specialists will firstly analyse the existing infrastructure then design and implement an optimal solution for you. You can definitely rely on us – whether it is  a case of high availability solutions, virtualization, long-term archiving, back-up or data restoration.

Project Management

As part of our comprehensive delivery we provide designing, supervision and management throughout the project lifetime. We cooperate with our long-standing partners to provide the investor with an overview and a simple and reliable communication channel.

Signal cabling

We build structured cabling based on renowned systems that meet transmission requirements with guaranteed application of any future protocols. Signal networks are tailor made to specific technologies such as CCTV and security systems, fire announcement systems, PA systems, television, projection, etc.

Power cabling

We deliver power cabling systems with all necessary engineering and technical support. We design and build complete power connection of facilities including lighting, cooling and air conditioning. We also secure everything against outage on the required level of protection (UPS, engine-generators).

Why Soitron?

  • We have implemented hundreds of projects in more than 28 years of our activities. We transform our experience into quality offered to our customers.
  • Our people are our greatest added value, we care about their education and this results in the highest individual and company certifications by key vendors in the market. 
  • The quality of our work is proved by our satisfied customers – we have been growing together for decades
  • We work together with world-renown vendors to provide our customers with the best and latest technologies


Our satisfied customers appreciate mainly our flexibility resulting from the size of our company. And it’s the flexibility and experience that enable us to look at the problem from the customer’s point of view and solve it in a way that is least disruptive to the operation of our clients.
Marianna Richtáriková
Soitron, Network Business Unit Manager

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